Iowa Farm Country

Iowa.jpgDe Soto, Iowa

We ran into Steve at a gas station in the middle of Iowa farm country. He came up to the bus, introduced himself, and said he'd been following along with our journey on Facebook! We just happened to be at the same gas station--how cool is that?! We were able to hear his testimony and pray with him. Steve was radically saved back in 1991 when his then 5yr old son came home from a summer bible camp, handed his dad a bible and said "Daddy, you need to give 'Him' another chance." Moved by his sons plea, Steve read the bible front to back three times and the Lord met him where he was. Steve surrendered his life to Jesus and has been following the Lord ever since! Praise God for the obedience of children and the power that our testimonies carry! #JesusChangesEverything

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