MIT Prayer


We started this prayer tour at Harvard and MIT on September 9th..just two weeks ago. One of the most frequent prayer requests we heard from students at MIT was that no one would commit suicide this year and that the Holy Spirit’s joy and presence would invade their campus in exchange for the current feelings of depression and the pressures of performance. That prayer request began to make a little bit more sense as we continued listening to students and they reminded us that most who attend MIT are coming from high schools or other universities being at the top of their class, and well known by most as the ‘math’, ‘science’, or ‘engineer’ kid..but imagine the shock of going to a school where EVERYONE was the ‘math’, ‘science’, or ‘engineer’ kid. The very thing that set them apart and made them feel special was lost in a sea of over 11,000 other ‘special’ kids. Our hearts broke as we heard about this unknown hurting at MIT.

This morning we learned that a graduate student at MIT committed suicide this past Sunday. THIS PROVES THAT WE ARE FIGHTING A REAL BATTLE THAT CAN ONLY BE WON IN PRAYER. We are continuing to pray for MIT and all the IVY League schools — that their banner would be JOY and life abundantly in hope and promise of Jesus Christ.

Please also pray for the family of the young women who took her life.. That the comfort and council of the Holy Spirit would be their guide during this difficult time.

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