Okalahoma Wesleyan

Okalahoma_Wesleyan.jpgOklahoma Wesleyan University
We had an awesome time last night and today at OKWU! Last night we were able to meet with faculty and staff from the university as well as other schools in the area. They shared with us both the joys and the struggles that they are facing as educators in today's society. As they opened up to us, their love for Jesus and the servant heart that they all carry was so evident. We were able to affirm, encourage, and remind them that what they do matters. We are so thankful for the powerful witness they carry everyday as they share the love of Jesus in practical ways with their students. Today we were able to talk and pray with a lot of students on the OKWU campus. It was so encouraging to hear their testimonies and the vision many of them carry for their generation! Praise God for all He is doing!

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