Praying through the City of Pittsburgh

Praying through the City of Pittsburgh - Between the two national party conventions, we have had a couple of days to engage and pray for government in other cities enroute to Philadelphia. Friday, we prayed for the city and county government leaders in Pittsburgh. And at one stop we prayed for two state park rangers and two workers, Jess, Cole, Tony, and Andy. They have the responsibility of maintaining the beautiful Point State Park grounds and fountain. 

We often forget that government is not just made up of elected leaders, but also city, state, and national government workers - 22 million of them in fact. Jess and Andy shared that their greatest prayer needs, we're not issues that often reach the headlines, they were simply for resources to do their jobs well. And that's what we prayed for them. 

The next time you are out in your community, look around and engage with the 'Public Servants' who we often don't acknowledge and pray for them . . . that is how transformation begins.


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