Roseburg.jpgOur hearts are deeply grieved by the news of 10 confirmed dead in a shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon yesterday.

As the number of school shootings has risen in recent years, how much more should our prayers? May our hearts not become numb to this news. This is not the new normal. The battle has been waged and we all enlisted the day we chose JESUS. WE MUST PRAY!

What good are men on the front lines of the battle if they don't have any weapons..they're easy targets for the enemy. The war we face is not easy and one of the most powerful and effective weapons we have is prayer. Let's join together and stand in the gap for the families and the community that is left in the rubble of this horrific event.
Our hearts and our prayers are with you.

We have seen God move in power and in might all over this nation on college campuses and will not stop praying and believing the Lord to continue His work in education in America! Please pray!

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