Sioux Falls Prayer

Falls_Church.jpgWe spent yesterday in Sioux Falls, SD visiting several high schools and then ministering at a high school youth group. Yesterday morning before we headed out there was a shooting at one of the local high schools. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. For the rest of the day it seemed that Holy Spirit had arranged divine appointment after divine appointment. We were so encouraged to meet with high schoolers who have decided to be missionary students in their schools and hear their testimonies of how God is moving. We were able to pray with them as well as with teachers, principals, and superintendents--hearing their hearts and interceding for the community God has put them in. And last night, we were so blessed to minister and lead worship at a high school youth group. Many of the students who came to the service, attend the school where the shooting took place. We had a ministry time at the end of service and so many students prayed to receive Jesus in their heart as well as the baptism of the Holy Spirit! I just want to give testimony to all God is doing. I want to make memory of His goodness, and never forget His faithfulness. #‎JesusChangesEverything
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