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This morning, we joined the ministry team at New Life Church, a church that reaches out to the college students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Their church is on sorority row, and is a converted sorority house with an auditorium built onto the back, right in the middle of campus! Ingenious!! That combined with an online review that simply said, 'These guys are dope!!' Told us that God was doing something here.

The worship was wonderful, and the message from Pastor Jason Bennett was biblical and full of hope. When we went up to meet him, we discovered that he was a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, which we had visited, and that he was part of a group of young men that graduated from there, and called themselves the 'Faithful Five' - all have gone out to do ministry in other places. They also had a college student give a testimony that was genuine, transparent, and touching, they called it 'a slice of life'.

After the service, we shared about our bus tour, thanked him for their focus on students, and prayed.

Please pray for New Life, and for God to raise up other churches who will pray for and reach into college campuses in their communities!

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