University of Northwestern Prayer and Training

Northwestern.jpgUniversity of Northwestern – Training Godly Educators
One of the outreaches of this school is their radio station, which reaches though out the Midwest. Half of the team was invited to join the morning show to talk about prayer and the Pray for America Bus Tour. The conversation was powerful, very moving, and broadcast into the next five cities that we will be visiting! Truly God going before us!

We then went to the main student building and spent the next three hours meeting and praying with faculty and students, mostly education students who were working on their practicum assignments in Minneapolis public schools. One group of about fifteen young teachers shared their passion for teaching, and their desire to make a difference in students lives. One shared that she had wanted to be a teacher since she was in fourth grade, and when I asked where they wanted to teach, all said in PUBLIC SCHOOLS so they could be Jesus to their kids . . . amazing young women!

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