University of Wisconsin

Wisconsin.jpgTestimony from today at the University of Wisconsin-White Water.

@jazer_m from "Pulse" Ministry has been traveling with us on the bus tour. He was manning the Pray4America table at UW-White Water, and a young man approached. Looking at the different apologetics literature we have he said "what's this?" Jazer explained About the ministry Ratio Christi which has been partnering with us on the tour. They equip college students to pray and defend the faith by using history, philosophy, and science to support scripture. He showed him a booklet called "What if Christianity is True?" At which point the student admitted being an atheist. Jazer gave his own testimony of how he came to know Jesus. The guy walked away, but later returned - gave Jazer his email address - and said "I want to know more about this Jesus of yours." What a testimony!! His word does not return void!

Then this evening we had the opportunity to be apart of a ministry night at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. @jazer_m shared a powerful message on how God uses broken people to change the world! #‎pray4america #‎americasgodlyheritage #‎nationaldayofprayer #‎RESET

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