Virginia Tech Prayer

Virginia_Tech.jpgA Battle of Philosophies and a Battle of the Gods

The challenges that college students are facing on campus today are different than in previous generations! In the past, Christian students faced secular humanism, their beliefs were challenged, and they were forced to learn how to answer non-believers regarding the existence of God - unfortunately, many lost their faith in the process because they weren't prepared, and instead of persuading, they were persuaded.

Today, a new challenger has arrived, not arguing the existence of God, but embracing a different one - and college students are openly proselytized in student centers. While Christians are being sued for praying in school, other religious groups are being accommodated.

Either way, Christian students today MUST “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." and have the ability to reason, contrast, and then articulate who Jesus is, and why the Bible is true!

One of our partner ministries on the tour has been Ratio Christi. Pray for an army of young apologists for every campus in our nation and for organizations like theirs who are equipping them!


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